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Lego Portal GLaDOS and Turret instructions

GLaDOS and Turret Lego® Dimensions MOC Instructions!

To celebrate the launch of my Lego® Portal Saga, I’m giving away exclusive building instructions for Lego® Dimensions GLaDOS and Turret display figures!

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Permission to Build Small - As an AFOL and avid Lego® builder, this one’s a biggy for me. I’ve wrestled with it many, many times and if you’re a creative of any sort, I’d bet you have too. To me, it seems like the excepted Read More ...
Fusion selecting set colours
Tools of the Trade – photographing - Photography equipment can get really expensive and in my experience, the dearer it is, the more cumbersome it gets. So to save space and costs I use inexpensive, hand-made equipment that’s easy to maintain. Camera stand I should first point Read More ...
Robots doing a photo shoot
Lego Photo Evolution - In this post I want to talk about photographing Lego® scenes and share my experience of getting a photo you can be happy with. I usually use an iPod (gen-5), so this will hopefully be useful to any level of Read More ...
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