Celestis II

The Celestis II is my second ship mod. Can you spot where it comes from? The main hull section is actually the latest Lego® Imperial Star Destroyer (75055) turned around and altered slightly.

Celestus II (top view)

See it?


The design of the ship overall comes from a MOC ship I made as a child (The Celestis), based on a hammerhead shark. The ship itself is relatively flat and wide, with height for one interior deck. A communications array  and sensory spheres sit above the bridge area. The array is similar in shape to a Star Destroyer’s bridge as a tribute to the Star Destroyer origins.

The bridge area has a single view-port at the front and heavily layered hull plating at the sides for protection. In contrast, hull plating on the back section is relatively thin.

Celestus II (front view)

Celestus II (side view)

Celestus II (elevated view)

The engines were designed to fit the triangular formation of the ship’s rear, which personally I think gave a cool effect. I accentuated this by adding the tail fins, inspired by the ships from the Riddick franchise. You can see the engines below.

Celestus II (engine centre view)

Celestus II (engine view)

The ship opens from the roof; the rear opens in the Star Destroyer’s original way and the bridge section detaches entirely. You can see the ship opening below.

Celestus II (top view)

Celestus II (top view bridge open)

Celestus II (top view fully open)


The bridge takes up approximately one third the length of the ship. It has space for two pilots an ops display and a very comfy captain’s chair.

Celestus II (bridge)The bridge also features strip lighting along the floor on either side as well as around the compartment door. A computer terminal sits on the wall opposite to the ops display. Overall the space is roomy, rather than being packed with equipment and terminals. I wanted the bridge to feel organised and refined.

Celestus II (bridge window view)

Celestus II (bridge front view)


The rear section is divided into two halves. One side features the Engineering section and the other houses the canteen and cargo storage. I’ll come back to the later shortly.

The Engineering features a custom hyper-drive unit, which links directly to the read hull and thus, the engines. The unit is small compared to the size of the ship. Again, I wanted it to look like established technology, which is typically compact and sleek.

Celestus II (hyper-drive)

Celestus II (hyper-drive close-up)

The other function of the Engineering section is to house the ship’s main computer, with full access. Hence, at the front of the section is the main computer unit.

Celestus II (main computer)

You can see an overview of the whole section below.

Celestus II (Engineering)

Canteen and Cargo Bay

On the opposite side to Engineering is the canteen, forward of the Cargo Bay. The layout is fairly compact. A corner table wraps round the food storage unit, with a small sink at the end. BB-8 is examining one of the crew’s food as he eats.

Celestus II (Canteen)

Celestus II (Cargo Bay)

The Cargo Bay is used for spare droid storage as well as for the crew’s storing personal items. The larger containers at the back are temperature and pressure regulated, presumably for long-term food storage.

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4 Replies to “Celestis II”

  1. Hi I really like this mod and have the set myself would you mind to send me some instructions for it if so I would be very grateful

    1. Hi Daniel
      Thank you for your kind comment. Unfortunately all that remains of that model are these pictures, so I don’t have any instructions for it. If you click on any of the pictures (away from the ‘pin it’ button), they will become full-screen. You’re welcome to use them as a reference. Happy building!

  2. Hi I really like this mod and have the set myself would you mind to send me some instructions for it if so I would be very grateful thankyou

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