BC-304 Daedalus

I talked about this model in my About page a while ago, so without further ado, here it is.

SG_Daedalus_3-01 SMALL

Please forgive the photo quality coming up – these were taken when I was much younger and not intending to share them.

This is the BC-304 Daedalus from Stargate Atlantis. The main challenge with this model was achieving structural rigidity. The Daedalus, as a ship, is remarkably flimsy, especially along the length of the main section (neck for our purposes). In addition, the fighter bays were really heavy, making the ship want to pull itself apart in every direction whenever you picked it up. However, once made structurally sound, I was very pleased with the ship and managed to pack in plenty of detail.

The Daedalus is a hard ship to get a sense of scale for, so here are a few memorable angles often used in the show.

Daedalus (front elevated)

Daedalus (side low)

For me, the most interesting parts of the ship’s exterior are the top plating and the engines. I had great fun building these.

Daedalus (top elevated)

Daedalus (engines elevated)

Daedalus (engines close-up)


For the interior I make custom stickers to really give it the Stargate-themed look. I made them all in Microsoft® Excel (my drawing package of choice until just last year). For reasons of weight, I left the fighter bays hollow and closed, however I managed to squeeze quite a bit into the main length of the ship.

The bridge has room for a pilot and commander, with the iconic glass panel that appeared on every Tau’ri (human) ship, each coloured to the theme of the individual ship. For the Daedalus, that colour was green. In kind, the consoles have green panelling and highlights.

Daedalus (bridge rear)

Daedalus (bridge front)

You can also see a space-gate on the wall display behind the Commander’s head and on the pilots console. The wall display has a positioning image and scanned wire-frame diagram highlighting the configuration of the one the Replicators attacked Atlantis with in the season 3 finale.

Further back is a utility and diagnostics section, with tactical displays of a wraith hive ship. The section has room for two crew members to work side-by-side.

Daedalus (diagnostics)

Finally, at the back is the Engineering section.The Daedalus always had cool visuals here on the show, so I too went to town on my transfers for this area.

Daedalus (engineering)

Daedalus (engineering)

On the left you can see the Hyper-Drive diagnostics display, indicating the sub-space field around the ship. On the right is the exploded diagnostics view that always appeared by default in Engineering in the show. I also added wraith-style lettering in the column down the right-hand side (in yellow).

Below you can see and overview of the section, with the Hyper-Drive in full. There is a small work bench to the left and, of course, a ZPM plugged in on the right. Look at how shiny the metallic silver parts were long ago! Properly shiny! I do miss the older Lego® elements – they were way more colourful than the Lego® parts in contemporary sets.

Daedalus (engineering overview front)

The Mk-I

Technically, the above model was my second iteration of the Daedalus.I originally had a much smaller, simpler model that you can see below. I turned to the Mk-II after deciding that I couldn’t do much more to improve the first at that scale.

Daedalus 1st-Gen (elevated view)

Daedalus 1st-Gen (front view)

Daedalus 1st-Gen (side view)

Daedalus 1st-Gen (rear view)


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