Portal 2: Aperture Science

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Major Update(s):

Great news! The test chamber has undergone some major upgrades including:

  • Re-skinned test chamber with panelled floor and latticework from Portal 2.
  • Upgraded turrets.
  • Smoother working stair panels.
  • Controls for GLaDOS’ defence panels – now easier to move.
  • New functionality added to the resolution button in GLaDOS’ chamber – yes, push the button!


New updated turret

New updated level decoration

Updated level decoration - new lattice work

All the photos below have been renewed to show the latest updates.

Build the level. Complete the test. Face GLaDOS!

This is a fully playable, custom level of the Aperture Science Enrichment Center. Checkout the original video below. I haven’t included photos or videos of everything here or on Lego® Ideas – you get the flavour but not all the spoilers!

The level is packed with features and moving parts, all coming together to give you an actually-completable test chamber that follows the rules of the video games. Work your way through the level as you would in the video game. Finally face-off with GLaDOS!

The set comes with Chell, GLaDOS, two turrets and a companion cube. Chell and the companion cube come from the Lego® Dimensions Portal Pack, while the turrets are my own design. These are smaller and closer to the actual turrets from the game than the Dimensions turrets so that they fit better into the level.

Portal characters include Chell, GLaDOS, turrets and compnaion cube

The Test Chamber

Below you can see the model as a whole, with  the two turrets strategically moved so as not give away game play. Needless to say, they can be overcome as you solve the chamber.

Portal test chamber

The first ingredients for my chamber were portals, on portal panels. For me, it was important that the portals be creatable. I think one of the downfalls of other MOCs I’ve seen on Lego® Ideas is that the portals are permanently on show. You also want portal creation to be quick, like it is in the game. So in this level, I’ve made the portal panels flip around. One side is blank, the other displays a portal. Now Chell really can create and close portals around the level.

Portal panels with portal side displayed

In the level I really wanted to have parts that move like they do in the game. Particularly, I wanted panels! But not just panels on hinges that are difficult to move or just come off in your hands (as flimsy articulated arms often do). The floor panels that form the step up to GLaDOS’ chamber (shown below) are all controlled by one control lever and one movement. Push the bar in and the panels pop up to their correct heights – just like that!


You can also use parts outside the model to activate light bridges and other moving parts.

As a final addition, I added an observation room overlooking the chamber, with automated analysis running on the computer.

Test chamber observation platform

After you complete the main test chamber, it’s time to beat GLaDOS. This is a new version of her (you can see my larger display version here) built into the chamber. She’s smaller, more poseable and rotates so she can easily follow Chell around.

GLaDOS' updated chamber

GLaDOS' chamber entrance

Pressable button reveals the means to defeat GLaDOS

You can also see a resolution button at the back of the chamber, for you to finish the level. The button is actually pushable, so you can activate hidden functionality to help you defeat GLaDOS!

Thanks for reading. We need all the support we can get to make this set a reality. So, if you like the model and you haven’t already given your vote, please follow the button below to go to the Lego® Ideas page.

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