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Great news! GLaDOS has had an awesome makeover. Checkout the short video now, and please support on Lego Ideas.

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She has a greatly improved shell with better curves and inset line in the back. Her inner structure is now more accurate and stronger, with added detail and cabling.

GLaDOS underside

GLaDOS Updated 10 - 1

GLaDOS Updated 12 - 1

I also improved her head, streamlining the outer surface.

GLaDOS Updated 4 - 1

She now has a new stronger, cooler stand reminiscent of GLaDOS waking up in Portal 2. The stand has vegetation around aged parts of the stand, a panel with light bars and new plaque design.

GLaDOS Updated 2 - 1

GLaDOS Updated 6 - 1

GLaDOS Updated 1 - 1

The stand also has an improved latch – now GLaDOS locks in securely, rotates and is easier to remove so you can place her in your creations!

GLaDOS Updated 13 - 1

Finally, here’s a shot of GLaDOS with Chell for scale. Enjoy, and please share and support.

GLaDOS Updated 8 - 1

Original Post: 30 Mar 16

Welcome to my MOC of the Aperture Science Enrichment Centre’s GLADOS! Before we test, some background. GLAODS is the main antagonist in the hit game series, Portal. She leads the game’s hero, Chell, through a series of sadistic test environments whereby Chell must use portals to manoeuvre through the levels, solve puzzles and survive. The latest addition to the Portal franchise was the official Lego® Dimensions Portal level pack, bringing GLADOS squarely into the Lego® universe.

The GLADOS Model

GLADOS is a poseable display figure with articulated neck and head, as well as the capability to turn about her anchor.

GLADOS - front view

GLADOS - side view

She comes complete with detachable stand and single-pin lock, so you can easily build her into your own test environments!

GLADOS - GLADOS with stand

GLADOS - detached

GLADOS - stand

She has plenty of detail on her back, underside and her anchoring section, making her look truly integrated into any environment you build for her.

GLADOS - back view

GLADOS - anchor detail



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7 Replies to “GLaDOS”

  1. I wish I could vote for it on Lego ideas, I really like the game, and Lego. Unfortunately, I didn’t see this until today, and now the time to vote has expired

    1. Thank you Vinicius, much appreciated anyway. Yeah, I tried to renew the model but Lego® Ideas policy change means it can’t be resubmitted. Still, thanks for the comment and I’m glad you like the model.

  2. Hi! I would love to build my own GLaDOS! Is there anywhere I can find the instructions on how you made yours or did you just free design her? Thanks! 🙂

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