Portal 2: The Ultimate Lego Saga

Portal 2 Lego Saga MOC Creation - Aperture Science Labs

Welcome to the ultimate Portal 2 Lego® set. GLaDOS, Chell, Wheatley, turrets, working test chambers and so, so much more await. So I’m super excited to show you this model in full, in this post. Enjoy!

The model is intended to be all-encompassing, reliving the most iconic parts of the game through fun, inerconnecting sets with loads of working parts. To this end, the model is a complete aperture science facility in it’s own right that Chell and Whetaley can move through with a working story narrative! Lets have a look at the whole thing.

Portal Saga: Aperture Science Facility

There are 5 individual sections to the facility:

  • Extended Relaxation Center with Chell’s apartment chamber and adjacent Aperture areas
  • GLaDOS’ lair
  • Intermediary / ruined Aperture admin areas
  • Incinerator room
  • Test Chamber
  • Hidden bonus area (read on!)

Each section is it’s own fucntional module, or submodel. These combine to form a cohesive single facility. Now, I’ll take you through the individual sections, in the story’s chronological order.

Extended Relaxation Center

This is where it all begins for Chell. So too, this is where it begins for us.

Portal Saga: Chell's Apartment MOC

We start with Chell asleep in her paprtment chamber, far from the main Aperture complex. The apartment is suspended high up, with the faccades of other apartments and greebling below. Inside, Wheatley enters on his management rail – see the video above.

The epic part of the story here is that Wheatley moves the apartment towards the fascility, crashing it into everything and wrecking it in the process. I really wanted this in the model, so the entire apartment chamber slides towards the facility, getting wrecked in the process!

Portal Saga: Chell's apatment intact

Portal Saga: Chell's apatment destroyed

Once stopped, Chell can proceed to the old, wrecked Aperture Science facility and collect her portal gun.

Portal Saga: Ruined area with portal gun

Portal Saga: Ruined area with portal gun

Portal Saga: Ruined area with exposed panels

Using the exposed panels, Chell can access the platform at the top of the room, which leads out near the Aperture offices (more on that later), on a one-way path to GLaDOS!

GLaDOS’ Chamber

When Chell gets to GLaDOS for the first time, everthing has been decaying for years. GLaDOS is dormant. Weeds and vegetation cover the tattered remains of GLaDOS’ lair.

Portal Saga: GLaDOS' tattered chamber

Portal Saga: GLaDOS' tattered chamber

Portal Saga: GLaDOS' tattered chamber

In a bid to escape, Chell plugs Wheatley into the breaker column, who awakens GLaDOS!

I reallly wanted to make this entire moment playable – and as a working part to the set. The layout of the stage forces you to walk through GlaDOS’ chamber, in from the left and round past GLADOS to the stairs on the right. The stairs then lead down to a lower platform accessing the breaker column.

Portal Saga: Aperture Labs Breaker Column

Portal Saga: Wheatley in the breakers

Once Whetaley is in, the platform raises up, emerging in GLaDOS’ lair in time for you to wake GLaDOS. I built a locking mechanism into the platform, so it can be easily held in place once up to the main level. From there, GLaDOS awakens and agian, I really wanted all this playable. Even when dormant, GLaDOS stays attached to the set, so her teather can be pulled from the top and latched at the back, hoisting GLaDOS into place, just as she woke in the game.

Portal Saga: GLaDOS is awake!

Portal Saga: GLaDOS is awake!

Portal Saga: GLaDOS grabs Wheatley

I even included her claw that can be deployed to pick up Wheatley and Chell, then throw them into the Emergency Intelligence Incinerator! The arm features 7 points of articulation along its length, giving it plenty of articulation. When not in use, the arm tucks neatley into the set, blending in with the structure.

Emergency Intelligence Incineration Chamber

The Incinerator sits at the far side of the complex, running along the underside of GLaDOS’ chamber and up towards Aperture’s test environment. In the story, the area is a key chapter opening, whereby GLaDOS begins reconstructing Aperture and forces Chell to test, so I inlcuded it as a means of progressing across the facility in my build.

Portal Saga: Emergency Intellignece Incinerator

The stage features a lava-like surface with small planks for Chell to cross, as well as an old Panel frame GLaDOS can move out of the way, giving Chell access to the main stairs. From this point in the game, Chell moved into the test environment.

Portal Saga: Emergency Intellignece Incinerator (panel in place)

Portal Saga: Emergency Intellignece Incinerator (panel in place)

Portal Saga: Emergency Intellignece Incinerator (panel moved)

Test Chamber

WORKING PORTALS!!! – And not just a hole in the wall!

Ok, so this is one of my favourite sections of my Aperture Labs build. I’ve seen some really cool Portal Test Chamber MOCs that are beautifully realised, but personally I needed functionality in my test chamber. Checkout the video below.

This chamber is not one from the game specifically, but rather one of my own design. The level features a light bridge and multiple levels. Both the lower and upper levels are guarded by turrets, with a companion cube on the middle level alcove.

Portal Saga: Test Chamber

Portal Saga: Test Chamber

Portal Saga: Test Chamber lower level

If Chell proceeds across the light bridge, she’ll get shot by the turret on the top level. Open a portal behind the turret, then another underneath the companion cube. The companion cube drops through the portal, instantly emerging on the upper level to knock off the turret!

Portal Saga: Test Chamber Turret

Portal Saga: Test Chamber Portal Open

Looked cool? The best thing is that what you just saw is all mechanically done, so pull the levers to open the portals and it all happens exactly as you saw it in the video! The cube goes in the bottom and comes out the top.

Aperture Laboratories Offices

Once through the test chamber, Chell heads back to GLaDOS for a face-off, via the Apeture Labs admin area. In my build, this are isn’t functional, so much as to complete the feel of a fully fledged facility.

Portal Saga: Aperture Labs Offices

Inside the offices are old computers, as seen in the game. The walls and floor are degraded, with sturtuctural damage giving access to the pathway Chell originally used to find GLaDOS’ chamber. This is the full circle of the facility. But read on – remember the bonus area I promised…

Portal Saga: Aperture Labs Offices

Portal Saga: Aperture Labs Offices

Portal Saga: Aperture Labs Offices

GLaDOS’ Chamber Restored

When Chell finds her way back to GLaDOS, GLaDOS’ lair is fully restored. This just had to be a part of the build, so GLaDOS’ lair easily transforms into a pristine, restored area. The walls You can keep Wheatley and GLaDOS in place while the stage changes configuration… to this.

Portal Saga: GLaDOS' Lair restored

Face off with GLaDOS and Wheatley! Good luck!

Portal Saga: GLaDOS face off

Portal Saga: Wheatley face off


Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed this build and please let me know what you think in the comments below. As a gift to you, and to celebrate the competion of this build, I’m giving away instructions for exclusive Turret and GLaDOS dispaly peices for Lego® Dimensions. You can download the instructions in PDF format here, or by clicking the image on the right.

Lego Portal GLaDOS and Turret instructions


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22 Replies to “Portal 2: The Ultimate Lego Saga”

  1. Hey, 28BricksLater!

    I’m also working on a Lego Glados model, and I completely understand your affinity for small details! My GLaDOS model has been a work-in-progress for about 3 years, and I’m never fully satisfied with the look of some details on the model and the limitations I have with poseability.That being said, my GLaDOS MOC is a bit larger than the one that you designed and posted on Lego Ideas. I absolutely love your design of GLaDOS, and I wanted to make my MOC larger in order to allow me more room to incorporate smaller details into the model. I would love to do stop motion with it once it’s completely finished. I was a little unhappy with the Lego Dimensions model of GLaDOS since I felt that they were “cheating” by using bent tubes to make the smooth curves of GLaDOS’s frame and shell. Oh, well! I would love to share some photos of my GLaDOS MOC with you if you want! I’m super glad that I found your website!

    Happy Building,

    Carl F

    1. Hi Carl

      That’s absolutely fantastic, and yes please – I would love to see your take on GLaDOS. That sound’s really cool and I’d be very interested to see which details you pick up on in your build. She’s such a complex set of structures and designs. I agree with you on the dimensions one. It would have been cool for them to build a GLaDOS using cleverer techniques rather than just large.

      Anyway, do you have a website or link? I look forward to seeing your build.

      Best regards and happy building to you too.


  2. Hey James,

    On my Flickr page (I hope it shows up), you can find different stages in my design of GLaDOS over the years. I just recently ordered a whole bunch of 6×6 tile pieces to use as the background panels of GLaDOS’s central chamber, so I’ll try to post a picture of that fully set up real soon!

    Carl F

    1. Hi Carl

      Wow, that’s awesome! This is by far the best GLaDOS I’ve seen in Lego®. The density of cabling and how you’ve done the framing at the back is just spectacular. Really really nice job! How tall does it stand?


      (For anyone else reading, I highly recommend clicking through on the ‘Carl F’ links above!)

  3. Hi! ^^
    I’m new to 28brickslater so don’t be surprised if I say something really obvious because chances are I didn’t know about it XD sorry
    Anyway, James, are there any instructions for your set? And if there are, would you mind sharing them? I’d really like to have this xD
    Looks awesome by the way

    1. Hello Miles

      Welcome and thank you very much. Glad you enjoyed it. I’m in the process of building LDraw (Bricksmith) files of the models and am only part way through atm, so I’m afraid it’ll be a while. I’ll keep you posted – if there’s a section you’re particularly interested in, please let me know.

      All the best,


      1. Hello James

        Thank you very much!
        I’m really intrigued by the working portal. It’s amazing how fast the cube goes through.
        But this is an all in all great set
        I, as a portal and lego fan, wouldn’t hesitate on buying it if I ever see it on stores.

        Anyway, best of luck and keep up the good work!


        1. Hi Miles
          Thank you very much. I prioritised the design of the mechanics to make the cube’s movement feel instantaneous, like it would in the game – I’m currently making modular instructions for a slightly more condensed version of the Portal2 Saga and I’ll be making them freely available downloads (hopefully releasing around Christmas). The test chamber should be as-is though, so all will be revealed then.

          1. I am so thoroughly impressed with this. You mentioned a few months ago that you were hoping to release instructions by Christmas. As a fan of your work, I look forward to the release!

          2. Hey James
            I hope that the comment will be send this time.
            And I ask again: Do you have any instructions today that you can share with us?
            It would be very nice to build this absolutely cool set.

  4. Hi James,

    (I’m having troubles submitting this comment, so I’ll submit it in four parts)
    I just uploaded more photos of my Glados model to my Flickr page with the new background! Unfortunately, I couldn’t get the camera to focus properly, so some of the pictures are a bit out of focus. I just measured it, and it’s about 16 inches tall.

  5. As of now, I really don’t like how much the model leans forwards, and how much weight I have to put in the back in order to make it stop leaning forwards -I’m currently using two 9-Volt battery boxes and one old dead lego motor as the counterweight- so I might revert the model back to a modified two-legged stand whilst maintaining the panel backdrop.

  6. My panels came in, and I made the background of Glados’s chamber. They’re bending forwards a bit and are inhibiting Glados’s ability to turn around, so I’m probably going to have to find a new system of stabilizing them while being far enough back to allow Glados to turn. I was trying to make my stand like E Why’s Lego Dimensions Glados recreation (He’s on Flickr and his Glados model is an almost exact replica of the in-game version), but the weight of my Glados model is too much for a single stand. Even though my cross-bracing is enough to keep a nice 90-degree angle between the top platform and the upper part of the stand, the actual bricks in the stand itself is bending forwards despite my efforts to keep the stand perpendicular to the ground. 😛

  7. If you were wondering, my Glados model is literally suspended by a single, extremely long technic axle, but is surprisingly secure hanging from it. I’m not sure how I’m going to change my two-legged stand design, but I’ll definitely be working on it during this summer and uploading updates onto Flickr. I’m currently building robots out of EV3 Mindstorms, but I’ll put some of my extra time into Glados.


    Carl F

    P.S. My Flickr link must be triggering the website’s spam alarm, so I didn’t input my website when posting my comment for these last 4 comments. 😛

    1. Hi Carl

      Sorry to hear you’re having trouble commenting – glad you got them through eventually. The panels look soooo cool – really nice job. For the stand, wow! I just had a look at the stand photos you posted and I can really see what you mean. My first GLaDOS had the same issue – the stand was strong but I think there’s too much wiggle room in the technic holes and it can cause alot of bending (the black stand further down). I found that if you add System brackets to support 90deg andgles, hinges and plates for the triangles, and layer up your Technic bricks with plates, the structure gets really rigid. You can then use Technic to enclose / brace the System plates and hopefully the feet that come forwards should take the load. That’s the approach I used in the second (white) GLaDOS stand and in my 12x scale bricks to stop fracture planes. I hope that helps. Please let me know how you get on and if any examples would be helpful.

      Best of luck.


  8. Hi James,

    I’ve just finished reverting the stand for Glados back into two legs. I’m much more happy with this design due to the major improvements in stability of the entire model. I have replaced the mid-section underside shell of Glados’s chassis so that it’s more compact and stable. Also, I modified the panels in the back such that Glados has the ability to rotate 360 degrees without bonking into anything. Instead of the panels being in a 6 wide by 10 high pattern, I’ve reconfigured them into a 6 high by 10 wide pattern. One major difference between my current two-legged stand and my previous two-legged stand design is that my current assembly is much wider than than the previous one. Again, this helps give Glados room to rotate around her chamber, and this is much better than the insane cross-bracing and counterweight system I had before. On the single-arm stand, I did use extensive plating on my technic brick supports, but the base of the stand was the part that was bending the most, and I couldn’t stop any of that from happening (save for adding a couple extra counterweights). Overall, I’m really happy with how my Glados is looking as of now!

    Happy Building,


  9. Also, James, have you ever thought about slightly scaling up the size of your Glados model? I’m just curious.

    1. Hi Carl

      Sorry for the delayed repsonse. I think that would be a fun challenge someday – I’d have to scale up my white Lego® collection first :). Just saw your new GAUNTL3T – Wow!!!

  10. Hello James

    My English isn’t that good but I hope you understand what I’m trying to say.
    I realy like your set because I’m a big Portal fan and I would love to build this, so I have to ask if there are any instructions today.
    If you have some would you mind sharing them with us?
    It would be realy nice.
    Thank you for your attention.

    1. Hello Deika

      Thank you for your comments. Unfortunately I don’t have any instructions for this set and may not for some time. I do have instructions for a Dimensions® scale GLaDOS and turret that you can download for free here.

  11. Hey James

    I hope this comment will reach this page because I have an important question.
    Do you have any instructions now? Because I would love to build this.

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