28 Bricks Later

28 Bricks Later is an AFOL (Adult Fan of LEGO®) run website devoted to sharing Lego® brick creations, stories and fun.

About me

Yep, it's me.

Hi, I’m James, the creator behind Fusion and 28 Bricks Later. My favourite official set to date is the TARDIS from Doctor Who (set 21304). Thank you, Andrew Clark. My favourite older set was the Spyrius Saucer Centurion (set 6939). The largest model I have built as a child was the Daedalus from Stargate Atlantis and I have no idea how many bricks were in it. It was heavy. You can see my build here.

My work

Every creator and artist has their own style. Mine is to tell stories. I focus on comparatively smaller works with intricate detail that tell stories. I make sets that immerse a person in the characters universe at a single point in time, or that have a narrative. This gives an interactive element that goes beyond the creation of the model itself. After all, everyone should get to play with what they’ve built after they’ve built it.

I have always loved how Lego® bricks let you go into the world that the characters experience and see it from their perspective. I prefer playability over sculptural accuracy, especially on the inside of a model. Lego® bricks give you the essence of a thing, it’s spirit; more than just a literal recreation. This spirit is what my builds try to achieve.


If you’ve been around my blog or my Instagram, you’ve seen Fusion just about everywhere. Fusion is not only my main character, he has a deep personal significance. This is the story of Fusion’s heritage.

I have always loved Lego® models. Every Christmas and birthday since my 4th has had Lego® sets (Christmas meant a big model too). So I had a lot of Lego® bricks! My bedroom was filled floor to ceiling with my creations. I was particularly proud of the fusion-type robot characters. Every base or group had it own version, matching that theme’s colour style. The aliens even had their own army of these robots.

A few years ago I lost my entire Lego® collection – every brick. Now I just have memories and photos that partially document all my builds. More recently I rediscovered my creative needs and decided that I wanted to get back into building with Lego® bricks, even make a career of it. I wanted to reconnect with my childhood building fun so I needed to build something iconic that I had before. I chose Fusion.