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Clicking the download links opens the PDF instructions in your browser window. Feel free to save the PDFs and share them. I hope you enjoy building these models and let me know what they inspire you to build. Please note, modification of the instructions is not permitted.

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Lego® Dimensions Portal 2

To celebrate the launch of my Lego® Portal Saga, I’m giving away exclusive MOC building instructions for Lego® Dimensions GLaDOS and Turret display figures! These creations make great additions to the official Chell mini-figure – which, like me, you probably bought just for the mini-figure!


BrickHeadz® Cyberman from Doctor Who

Add to your official BrickHeadz® collection with this Cyberman from Doctor Who. Happy Building!


Solar Sailer Stand

This stand is designed exclusively for the 28 Bricks Later Solar Sailer.

The stand beautifully complements the model. It allows tilt and pivot so you can display your Solar Sailer in the way that’s perfect for you! Giving the Solar Sailer instructions as a gift? Why not save a copy of the stand and give the two together.


Featured Posters

GLADOS_small_ needs you2

Lego® Ideas TARDIS poster

Glados Brick

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